Monthly Roundup: 2018 January

February 10, 2018 Monthly Roundup 0

Yay! The month of January just flew by which made me panic because you know… I utterly failed in terms of achieving my reading and blogging goals. Can I hide right now? As you can see, I only posted once for January and my Goodreads would tell me that I’m already 2 books behind schedule vis-a-vis the yearly target of 50 books/year (or ~4 books/month).  And one more thing, I still can’t find the excitement to sit down and finish all my due ARCs once and for all. Makes me feel really bad because I requested them and I have to take responsibility. But I must take heart and try this month again.

On the brighter side, I think I’ve already found the right tool to be more organized and efficient in my time management skills to accomplish tasks and goals.  I am certain that you’ve already heard about it but it’s called bullet journaling. I’m still on the learning process and so far, I really liked it (despite of the instances wherein I forgot to update it) as it gives me an opportunity to unite my thoughts and make my direction (where I’m heading as a blogger) clearer, scattered brain that I am.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can maintain my bullet journal for the whole year.

Bookish Reads and Loots

In terms of reading, the month of January was pretty slow for me. I only finished the following:

1. The Iron Fey 2: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa – three-stars

  • I’m really sorry but I think this series is just way too overrated. I can’t even bring myself to swoon over Prince Ash.

2. Red Rising Saga 4: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown– five-stars

  • Another obra from the Master Howler himself. I seriously thought that Pierce Brown would doom his career with this book but how wrong I was because it’s wonderful.

3. The Folk of Air 1: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – four-stars

  • Congratulations are in order because finally, I found a new favorite author.  I’ve been seeing Holly Black’s name since I started blogging way back 2013 but for some reason, I never considered picking up any of her books until now. But boy, I’m inlove with Cardan and Jude Duarte.


I did not pick up any ARCs today considering that I still have pending ones in my TBR pile. Nonetheless, I still could not stop myself from picking up a few books here and there.

  1.  Red Rising Saga 4: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown
  2. The Folk of Air 1: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
  3. Chic Manila 2: Fairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra
  4. The Shadow Campaigns 5: The Infernal Battalion by Django Wexler

TV Shows

My short attention span is really the bane of my existence because I still haven’t finished the other series that I’ve started following last year. I’ve even put Hwayugi on hold because I want to marathon it instead of waiting for two episodes per week (very emotionally draining on my part).

I did manage to make a little progress with Legend of the Blue Sea because I’m finally at Episode 17. Four more episodes to go, wooohooo!


If there’s any thing that’s making steady progress in my life, it’s my gaming career.  So far, it’s still full steam ahead with King’s Raid and The Sims 4. I didn’t bother checking out other games because my hands are really full right now. An hour or two is simply not enough to fully enjoy The Sims 4.

Reality Check

I’m kind of doing fine right now though I still find myself struggling on some instances. As they say, the hardest enemy is yourself which is so true because there are just days when I just want to stay on my bed and be oblivious about every thing.  So far, my daily meditation coupled with  brief bible lessons are proving to be helpful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that February would be much more productive in terms of me coping up with my internal struggles.

On another note, aside from starting a bullet journal, I also embarked on a new project which is called Project Life. For those who are not familiar, it’s a very chic and simple memory keeping tool.  You can do it the old school way or you can just install the application in your phone and tada, you can update it all you want depending on the schedule that you have set.

As for me, I decided to do a weekly documentation of my life, so every sheet contains all the things that occurred in a particular week. Depending on how OC you are, it doesn’t really take a lot of your time to fill out the sheets.  What I did was just take photos (using my phone) and review my bullet journal so I can sort through the events that should be entered into Project Life. If you’re diligent, it only takes 5-10 minutes daily to update the slots on the sheet.

And yay, although it’s not my kid, I really really want to share this with you. My 2-month old niece  finally became a Christian last January 28.  The ceremony itself was held in our local Parish and Fani (the niece) was christened with 23 other kids.  At 10 am, we were already heading towards the reception which is just 2 kilometers away from the Church. It was a really simple event albeit the number of guests that attended. We held a very short program (I was the emcee, surprise!) and dedicated most of our venue time cooing at Fani and returning to the buffet table for 2nd, 3rd helpings. We have priorities you know.

All in all, despite my being unproductive and fighting an internal battle, I can say that January was good. How about you? What are you looking forward this February?


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