Double Standards On Reading

February 10, 2014 Let's Discuss 0

As a noble reader (Ahem!), I always try my best to uphold my reading principles. Every time I read a book, my mind would automatically sift through the scenes and the words and tell me whether they should be praised, be shrugged upon or be despised.

However, there are some times that my brain or even my heart would malfunction that it doesn’t do the job that it’s supposed to do.  Guys, I really tried to hide it… keep it from the rest of the world but I can no longer hold it back. A part of me is a miserable hypocrite.  There, I finally said it.

As much as I want to deny it, I have double standards when it comes to instaloves, love triangles and misleading synopsis.  I had it worst when it comes to the first. How many times did I announce to the world that I despise instaloves? How many times did I find myself almost popping my eye balls from their sockets whenever I come across love triangles? How many times did I want to pull my hair out because a book turned out to be a bloody romance book instead of a dystopia? And yet, here I am harbouring a silent love for some of them.

Take Scarlet by Marissa Meyer for example. If you’ve read the book, you’d know that Wolf and Scarling who shared an instant love which was evident when they kissed during the train ride and they barely knew each other. But did I bat an eyelash about it? Did I make an effort to knock a star from my rating? NO.  Instead I SHIP the whole thing like some crazed member of a Wolf-Scarlet fan club.  Screw my hatred for instaloves and let it be known that Wolf and Scarlet are right for each other.  Whatever. In addition, have you read Crash Into You by Katie McGarry? Yes? Then you have an idea that what happened between them was also a whirlwind romance. But did I care about that? NOPE! I’m all for their relationship even if I have conflicting feelings about Rachel.  Good lord, I even feel giddy as I’m writing this post.

Speaking of love triangles, they exhaust me… once a book is going that path, I know for sure that a portion of my reading experience will be ruined.  But wait, despite that, I actually enjoyed the love triangle in The Hunger Games, The Infernal Devices and of course, Vampire Academy. *headdesk*  And yeah, I even think that Vampire Academy would never be as awesome as it is without dear Adrian getting thrown into the love affair of Dimitri and Rose.  As for the other books, I am sorry but if they have love triangles in them, please expect me to take a jibe about it or worse, knock off a 0.5 star from the overall rating.

Lastly, those misleading synopsis really makes me want to put a book down and slap it until it gets some sense. You know what I mean…you picked up a book because you want to read a dystopia and what you get is a romance story packed with cheesy lines.  If that happens, I am obligated to dish out my unlimited 2-stars.  However, this wasn’t the case with These Broken Stars. Heard of that awesome book? Its synopsis really gives you an impression that it’s going to be a sci-fi book what with that talk of hyperspace and all that astronomical stuff.  Instead, I got a romance and survival story out of that book. IMO, its greatest fault is that it insufficiently explored the sci-fi element of the story. Even those beings in the planet were unconvincing to be considered as aliens. But was I bothered? Nope. In fact, I gave it a 4.5 star rating because the romance and the survival aspect were just so awesome…

Having said all of the above, I seriously want to sit down and reconstruct all my principles. Or maybe just throw them all out of the window since I’m bad at following them anyway. I think it would just be brilliant to go into a book and just listen to my instincts whether things will suit me or not.  And maybe, I’ll just try to tone down my opinionated self because instaloves and love triangles do happen in real life. And I guess, it’s time for me to write with caution while I am commenting for reviews of books that have instaloves and love triangles. Who knows, there will come a time that I would read “those“ books  and find out that the instalove worked out for me? xD

What about you? Do you also have double standards on reading? Care to share them? Thanks for dropping by!

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