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January 17, 2014 Let's Discuss 0

I am not sure if posting this is a wise decision because it’s not only unpleasant, but humiliating as well…at least for my part.  However, as I am really curious about your blogging slip ups, I decided to be brave today and just share with you some personal bloopers that I’ve done over the course of my blogging career. I do hope that through this way, you’d also be fearless in sharing yours… Don’t be shy, okay?

So here are some of those “I-hope-to-god-would-never-happen-again” moments:

1. Accidentally copying and pasting your own comment from one blog to another.

Heavens, please have mercy! But I have done this countless of times during meme hops specifically Feature Follows and Stacking The Shelves.  I know that you’re familiar with how things work during blog hops, yes? You comment on the participants’ blogs and then leave a link to your own post if the blog doesn’t have commentluv.

Most of the time, I find it very time consuming to type Charlotte @ <a href=>Blah Book Blog</a>.  So what I do is just copy it from the previous blog where I commented and paste  it to the next one.  However, when I am already so immersed with commenting, I just press CTRL A and CTRL C to copy everything instead of just copying the html code alone.  And, thus, I am always reduced to saying sorry.

2. Writing contradicting and confusing comments.

Heed me now, guys. If something is bothering your mind, please take a break from commenting.  Never ever comment on a post if your mind isn’t 100% focused on it.  Chances are, you will be putting yourself in this very same situation.

What a derp?!

3. Calling a certain blogger with another blogger’s name.

True story. It happened to me three times. I went to a certain blog owned by a certain Dyna then typed up a comment for one of her posts. Afterwards, I felt proud about what I’ve said then submitted the comment only to be horrified.

“I am so glad that you loved this book, Dyna. It’s also one of my favorites because the heroine was as kickass as Katniss. Not only  that, her relationship with her pet mouse was really impressive. I couldn’t believe that she’d go to such lengths just to save Mickey The Mouse.

And yikes, I am so sorry that the romance didn’t work for you. I actually liked it because Boy was an a-hole and that trait sort of complemented her good heart.

Great review, Prudencia!

And now, Dyna would get wrinkles while wondering who the hell is Prudencia. >,<

And that is all for today, fellas.  What about you? Do you have blogging bloopers that you want to share?  Feel free to comment. I promise, I wouldn’t laugh…not in public anyway.xD

Note: While all of the above are true events, I still opted to change the names of the blog owners involved.

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