Book Review: The Rockstar I’ve Loved For So Long (Hot European Billionaire Romance) by Marian Tee

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Book Review: The Rockstar I’ve Loved For So Long (Hot European Billionaire Romance) by Marian TeeThe Rockstar I've Loved For So Long (Hot European Billionaire Romance) by Marian Tee
Series: Standalone
Published by Jaded Speck Publishing on 2013 December 12
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 96
Format: E-book
Source: Purchased
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French billionaire Dylan Charbonneau is my best friend. He's also the world's sexiest rock star and all the girls who love him consider Dylan as public property.

All these years, he pretends he doesn't know I love him, but I've had enough. It hurts too much, seeing him all the time with them and not being able to call him mine.

This time, I'm going to tell him. I'm going to make him take me. And this time, I'm going to make him decide. Am I really just a friend to him?

WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS PROFANITIES DUE TO AN EXTREME EMOTIONAL UPHEAVAL. If you have an aversion against reading swear words, please exit this page now.

Did I read this book wrong? Or did I buy the wrong bundle? I swear, The Rockstar I’ve Loved For So Long is one of the worst books I’ve read this 2013.  I went into it with so much trust thinking that it would be another great read…that it would sweep me off my feet just like Playing Autumn but NOOOOO. This book was a pure mindf—k that every fiber of my being is screaming for the bleach.  I am not a prude but I just wish that I would never ever encounter this type of erotica again.  Just NOOOOOO.

Sabrina “Bree” Wyle has always been inlove with her billionaire rockstar friend, Dylan Charbonneau.  But the arrogant rockstar that he is, Dylan made it clear that he’d always belong to the female populace no matter how special she is.  The truth pained Bree and just when she’s about to give up on Dylan, everything changed between them. Dylan has finally announced that he wanted her to be his girlfriend.

The first pages of The Rockstar I’ve Loved For So Long intrigued me. Sure, its premise was a cliché but I kept my hope up because I thought it would be as great as  Kesh’s The Real Score. We have this iconic musical god suddenly befriending a commoner girl and you know, I just want to see how their story would play out… how Marian Tee would handle their friendship and eventual romance. The book started off like a beautiful dream and gradually turned into a nightmare. After chapters 1 and 2, I was seriously questioning myself if this is a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey or a retelling perhaps because it really felt like one.

Let’s discuss the loathsome things about this novella, shall we?

1. The Characters

  • Dylan is the rockstar version of Christian Grey. Surprisingly, he’s a billionaire and has a very dark past that prevented him from telling Bree that he’s also inlove with her.  Yes, I know, I know, it’s all the same f–ked up story but I didn’t mind because I love caring for broken bad boys.  What I did mind is the fact that Dylan is one of the most despicable bastard who graced the world of literature.  I just want to slap him right and left until his neck is broken.  Between him and Christian, I’d rather choose the latter.  What little attempt the author made to redeem him epically failed.  Sure, he is suffering from some sort of a psychological trauma from his childhood but his actions towards Bree are inexcusable. It was like the author was just trying so hard to make him look really bad but in reality, Dylan just appeared to be a sick maniac who needs to be delivered into rehab immediately.

I just couldn’t respect a man who would publicly say this f–ked up sentence:

“Because I have a girlfriend to f–k.”

Damn right! So very macho of him to announce the said statement to a crowd of prom party goers with Bree on his side. I felt degraded. I felt humiliated that I just want to fling my e-reader at my wall right there and then. I have nothing against talking dirty words between couples when you’re alone but if you’re talking dirty infront of a crowd with the presence of your girlfriend, then that is just unacceptable for me. The sentence felt like it came straight out of a porn movie.

  • Speaking of Bree, she is one of the most spineless, Mary Sue-ish heroines I have the misfortune to meet. She is an Anastasia through and through and deserves some serious slapping. My mind couldn’t just fathom how a sensible girl like her could continue to love a f—king wank-r like Dylan.  Dylan is deliberately abusing her emotionally and yet she continues to announce her undying love for him.

My dislike for her immediately started when she attempted to give up on Dylan after she saw him in an orgy video. While I applaud her for finally waking up, what happened next mindf–ked me.  She went chasing after him after knowing Dylan’s lame past. You’ve gotta be f—king kidding me. And then after they’ve shared a mindblowing sex, Dylan did another disgusting stuff and I thought that Mary Sue would finally learn her lesson. But nope, instead she let him f-ck her again. True story and so reminiscent of FOSG. Seriously, both Dylan and Bree need to be restrained by a straightjacket.

  • The secondary characters- Very bland that I wouldn’t even blink an eye if all of them are taken out of the story.

2. The plot- I can summarize the plot in 4 steps. But you can skip this portion if you have read FOSG.

  • Fight
  • Make up
  • Sex
  • Rinse and repeat.

3. The romance– It felt phony. I couldn’t feel that they really love each other. Instead of showing, there’s a lot of telling. No matter how much Bree tells Dylan that she loves him, I just don’t feel it.  And that goes the same to Dylan. There’s nothing romantic between these two hateful characters. It’s all about lust and sex.

4. The flashbacks/ back stories– I wished that that author allocated the pages used for the back stories for something more sensible. It’s nonsensical and I don’t need to read the other horrible stuff that Dylan made in the past. The author could have opted to use the pages to give us glimpses of how Dylan and Bree’s friendship developed over the years. Maybe, through that way, I could have seen the other side of Dylan and made me understand why Bree continued to be friends with him. But the flasbacks made me hate Dylan and Bree more. How could Bree chose to remain blind after all those years? I didn’t even see that in some way, Dylan had been a good friend to her. D-mn. D-mn. D-mn.

Summing it up, this book has just made a forever home on my horror roll. I think I was going to be sick after reading it. It’s a disservice not only to the female populace but to humanity as well. I am surprised that a 71 pager novella could evoke such revulsion from me. I would not recommend this to anyone even to those who are hardcore erotica lovers. Just no. But if you are really compelled to read this, I suggest for you to read it in small increments.  Reading more than 10 pages a day would lead to nasty consequences which are not limited to puking, headache, losing faith in humanity, and getting psychotic because you just want to kill the main characters.

Verdict: Pass me the brain bleach.

Disclaimer: I really hate writing this portion but after my two negative reviews got attacked, I am compelled to do this. Please know that I don’t hate the author of this book. Nor I am bringing her down. Unfortunately, The  Rockstar I’ve Loved For So Long didn’t work for me and this review is meant to share my honest opinion of the BOOK ALONE.


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