What is Wrong With Me?

August 2, 2013 Let's Discuss 6

Before you think about mental disorder or anything related to that, please be assured that I don’t have any intention to drag you into my other world. What I want to talk about is this thing that had been nagging me since…uhm… I don’t know for how long. One thing is certain though: every time I watch a movie or read a book, I always find myself crying. I know that that sounds insensible because books or movies exist for us to be entertained… to meet characters whom we can cry or laugh with. So crying is definitely normal. But according to my 3 siblings and even my intimate friends that “my crying” is already beyond normalcy. They couldn’t understand why I easily tear up on book/movie scenes that they think do not deserve to be cried over. My other sister once told me that I chose the wrong career when I would have done well in becoming a soap opera actress.

I seriously can’t understand why they are reacting that way when I think that it is perfectly alright to cry about soppy scenes or if your favorite characters are undergoing an emotional turmoil. But they think it’s an overreaction on my part. Just to give you specific examples of what book/movie scenes that made me cry, here they are:

  • I cried in Transformers 1, 2 and 3. Optimus and the gang may be made of pure steel but still, they deserve human compassion.
  • I cried when Tony Starke gave that boy awesome gifts at the end portion of Iron Man 3. Well, that was kind of heartwarming.
  • HP 4: I cried when Ron gave Dobby a shrinked sweatshirt.
  • HP 4: I cried when Harry gave George and Fred his Triwizard Tournament winnings.
  • HP7: I cried when Molly gave Fabian’s battered watch to Harry on his 17th birthday.
  • World War Z Film: I cried when Brad Pitt took care of Segen while they’re inside the plane in Jerusalem.
  • Requiem 3: I cried when Lena and her mother made up even if I was angry about the whole book.
  • The Hunger Games Novel: I cried at the first chapters of the book when Katniss was describing her family’s life. Well, who wouldn’t cry for an underdog, right?
  • The Dark Knight Rises: I especially cried when Bane and Talia al Ghul’s stories were revealed.

These are just some examples of the things that would really make me cry. And if I have to list all of them, Google might just see a reason for deleting my blog under the ground of spamming. I admit that I easily tear up even on little things. I also cry when I’m angry that it’s driving me mad. I can’t help it. But the most surprising thing is, I am not a crybaby when it comes to my romantic life. Boys can go to hell for all I care. I am not even affected if people tells me that I’m fat and I should drop some weight. Or even when some of my arrogant office mates bully me because they think they can. I just shrug about it. But when it comes to soap operas, I break down like hell… complete with pool of tears, heartache, runny nose, and difficulty in breathing. I know it’s crazy, it’s like I’m having a dual personality.

Can you please tell me whether what I’m going through is normal or is this midlife crisis or I’m having an emotional disorder that needs immediate professional help? O_O

6 Responses to “What is Wrong With Me?”

  1. Giselle

    Aww I think you're fine I think everyone has spurts where thet get super emotional about small things. Like randomly I'll feel very emotional about something super sweet I see on TV – I'm NOT a cryer at all so that's pretty unusual for me lol. I also think a lot of people cried at least once or twice during harry potter. That series is so well created it's like the characters become our family and friends!!

  2. booksoverflowers

    I don't think you should be shipping yourself off to a mental hospital because I'm exactly the same way. 😀 I have literally teared up on several occasions over books/movies/t.v. series. Of course, I don't bawl like a baby when anyone else is around. I do that when no one looking :p

    I think this reaction just comes with feeling empathetic. When I read or watch a movie/television series I'm emotionally invested in the characters. I think of their struggles and personal relationship with other characters. I think any story that can make your feel for the characters is a well told story.

  3. Asti

    I don't think you need professional help… but you might be a little bit crazy. Haha. For me, I'm generally a strong and non-crying person. I mean, I have my meltdowns sometimes, but these days they're not as common and I usually can pull it together pretty quickly. But movies are my arch nemesis! I cry in movies ALL THE TIME! I do my best to cover it up. Like drinking a lot of liquids or looking at the sidewall instead of the screen or just not breathing… but I can FEEL the tears. Books don't happen as much, but they do happen.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're not alone. I cry too. We can cry together.

  4. Charlotte Fiel


    Hi Asti. Being a little bit crazy is already a qualifier to put me in an asylum. Both movies and books are actually the bane of my existence. There were times that I actually did what you're doing but it's just so hard. If I stop myself from crying, I'll start having those dreaded hiccups. OMG.

    Thanks for offering to be my crying friend. 😀 Very much appreciated.

  5. Charlotte Fiel


    Thanks for that kind words, Giselle. At least you've given me an assurance that what I'm doing is normal. 😀 Yeah, Harry Potter–despite it being fun filled– is such a tear jerker book.

  6. Charlotte Fiel


    Hahaha. At least you have class and poise, girl. There are a lot of times that I do bawl like a baby even if my toughie friends or siblings are around. I just can't help it.

    Maybe it's high time for me to read a self help book about crying excessively. 😀

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