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August 15, 2013 Let's Discuss 14

Okay. This might be my shortest post ever. But I think it deserves a space in my blog. During the past few days, while I was rating a certain book in Goodreads, I was surprised to see that the author of the book also rated it and even made a short review. It was even more baffling when I came across another author who did the same thing. And according to what they have written in their reviews, there are others who are doing it so it was okay for them to be kind of cheeky and review their own work.

Not to be judgmental or something, but I’d like to ask you if this is even okay? Call me naïve or a GR noob but it’s the first time that I’ve witnessed such occurrence. It’s been bugging me for days especially that this particular book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. And it was kind of awkward to see that he gave his own work a 5-star and here I come giving the book a 1.5 star.

Now, what I really want is to gain some understanding why authors do this. If I think about myself being in their shoes, there’s no way in hell that I’m going to be rating my own book least of all reviewing it for every GR member to see. While I love my own work, I don’t think I would ever go to such extent. It’s uncomfortable and sort of trying hard.

What do you think? Please leave all your opinions below.

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14 Responses to “Authors Rating and Reviewing Their Own Work”

  1. timewantsaskeleton

    No. That's crazy. There are many social media outlets to tell readers why they would enjoy your book, but giving their own rating and review… that's dumb. I think Goodreads is kind of ridiculous, honestly, because crazy poop happens like this all the time.

  2. Asti

    I think it's silly for authors to review their own books. It's not like readers are going to see that and think "Oh, I must read this book! It must be really great because the person who wrote it gave it five stars!" No, they'll just ignore for other reviews by real readers. It's just silly to me.

    But, what I think is even worse than this, is when authors create fake accounts to review their own books. It's crazy when you see an account open right before a book is published, and the only review that reader writes is a five star review for that one book. Now maybe it's not the author him/herself, but someone involved with making that book or selling it is faking a review to make the book look good, and that is just stupid. At least the authors who review their own books are being open about it.

  3. Nara

    Actually I think that a lot of authors rate their own books, all "yeah it's my pride and joy of course I'm going to rate my book five stars", which on one hand, fair enough, obviously you're going to be proud of your own book. But on the other hand it does seem a bit silly.

  4. Christine D.

    I see this all the time – and only with indie authors. I have no idea why it seems to be a common practice among them. I guess they feel it is justified because of the struggle to publish. Beats me. It looks so juvenile and conceited.

  5. Amanda Horan

    Wow that's just a little bit pathetic. If your work is good it will speak for itself. Then others will speak of it. This would certainly put me off an author!

  6. Nikki

    You're not alone, Charlotte! I really don't like this practice at all, though it only seems to happen with indie authors, from what I've seen. I know it's their 'baby' and they're worked hard and they're proud of their accomplishments. But they're not an impartial party, so every time I read an author's review that say it "has great prose and wonderful characters" I can't help but assume it's all part of a marketing technique.

  7. Adina

    I can totally understand an author giving their work 5 stars. If you don't believe and love your story who will? But I really think authors should not – as timewantsaskeleton said they have other outlets. I'm also uncomfortable with authors liking 5 stars reviews of their books.

  8. Annie

    I have never come across an author who's reviewed their own book on Goodreads. But I'm not a big fan of this. It just seems silly. Of course, you're going to give this book a good rating – it's YOUR book after all! If you didn't think it was good, then I would question why you would want to publish it. And I don't think authors reviewing their own books would do them any good? It comes off more as ridiculous and frankly, I wouldn't waste my time in doing this.


    This just seems very unprofessional to me. I get it. You wrote it, you love it. But I don't need your review to make me want to or not want to read the book. In fact, if I see the author rate their book (which I haven't yet), it'll make me want to read their book less.
    And maybe more indie authors do this because they have less policies and practices than authors who publish with bigger companies?

  10. Addicted to Films

    At first I was ok with it…since they were just being cheeky and having a personal shout out about their book that would appear on the book's goodreads page. But then I realise there's the whole rating thing to be considered. Giving themselves a five star when there are still few rated reviews would totally jack up the average ratings – and that seems wrong.

  11. Kritika

    It definitely does not only happen with indie authors – I've seen established authors (Maggie Stiefvater, for one) rate their own books. I don't think it's particularly a problem, because Goodreads designates those ratings as "author review" so it's not misleading. Also, is one rating really going to skew people in the face of hundreds of reviews?
    – Kritika @ Snowflakes and Spider Silk

  12. Erin Z.

    I've seen this done, and I always thought it was weird. I mean, of course you'd give your own book 5 stars. And as far as the ratings go, it would skew them a bit so it's not as accurate a reflection as it should be.

  13. swimlindsey

    Yeah, I definitely don't like it when I come across that situation on Goodreads. It just reads either or arrogant of desperate to me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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