Summer Lovin’ Readathon: Day 4- Tears on my Pillow + Book Spine Poetry

July 4, 2013 Challenges 10

Share a quote from your current read or tell us about a book that really pulled on your heart strings. What was it about that book/quote that made you cry.

For this challenge, I chose a touching scene from one of my most recent read this week, Requiem by Lauren Oliver. This was it:
“I just wanted you to be safe,” my mother says. “Do you understand that? Safe, and happy. Anything I could do . . . even if it meant I couldn’t be with you.” ~Bee to Lena
I know this is a slight spoiler. I was disappointed with Requiem by Lauren Oliver (p.s. I will write a review on that soon) but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t touched with some scenes of the book.  This quote really moved me because it was the first time that Lena and her mother talked about the past, about what happened to their lives. Imagine growing up believing that your beloved mother committed suicide only to find out later that she’s alive.  How would you take that? When Lena’s mother said these words, I could almost taste the agony she had to endure; being near yet so far from her daughter; being torn apart between what she’s fighting for and being with her daughter.  Apart from that, those short 4 sentences contained all the things that explained their separation for so many years.  And I can’t help but ache for the mother and daughter who were divided apart just because they fought for love.


Chrys from Oh, Chrys! has sponsored Readathon’s Day 4 event.  Her challenge was by far the most difficult since I really suck at poetry.  How much more creating a poem from my limited book selection? But I’m not about to give up. So with a lot of thinking coupled with utmost desperation to conquer this challenge, here it is:

That was a lot of books and poor me, the photos were really crappy as I took them using my laptop’s webcam (the price of laziness xD). The first two photos should have been connected to each other. I’m also cheating in this picture since I just inserted the Eleven Minute book spine picture into the whole photo. My boss who was a great fan of Paulo lent  it to me a long time ago to encourage me to switch genres. And I only read it because she did give me an idea of the book’s plot.  Naturally, curiosity killed the cat. 
I hope that my haphazardly crafted poem made sense at all. Just in case you’re confused, what I’m trying to convey here is that it’s about a girl and a duke meeting and falling in love at first sight. Then they began dating and do things that couples normally do.
And that’s all for today.  I hope that the day 5 challenge isn’t as hard as this one. Fingers crossed.

10 Responses to “Summer Lovin’ Readathon: Day 4- Tears on my Pillow + Book Spine Poetry”

  1. Christine D.

    Aww man. Sorry that my challenge was so difficult for you, which makes your participation even more appreciated. I had not noticed that you added another book spine at all! I love the poem, and its explanation. They crossed each other pathways one day, and soon a romance is born. So sweet.

  2. Charlotte Fiel

    Haha! Thanks, Chrys. Hard but very enjoyable. It's kind of uplifting though that I was able to participate and really create a poem out of book titles.

    It has been more than 10 years or so that I've accepted that I'm not made for poetry. That was when I created a really crappy poem for someone and most unfortunately, my friends read it aloud for the whole world to hear. I then realized that I created a very big blunder. tsk. tsk. tsk.

  3. Charlotte Fiel

    Hello Jackie,

    Thank you so much for that appreciation. After a long long time ever since my blunder of a poem, it's my first attempt to create another one. This one's really tricky though because you are limited to selection of books you have. 😀

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