Keepin’ up with the Joneses Part 1

July 26, 2013 Let's Discuss 12

It’s another Thursday again which means another Let’s Discuss installment from Oh!Chrys and The Fiction Conniption. Today, I am going to talk about Keepin’ up with the Joneses in the blogging world. Based on the title itself, you most probably have an idea about what I’m getting at.

If you look around my blog, you must have noticed that I am new to the world of book blogging and I am still learning the ropes. Part of the learning process is to do some bloghopping from hundreds of hundreds (or is it thousands?) of book blogs out there checking what people has been reading and reviewing in the fond hope that I’d be able to get an idea of what kind of books peek the interest of other book bloggers. And I wasn’t disappointed since I kind of established that most people are more likely to get interested if the blog owner posted reviews about the newest books out in the market or if they displayed the most awaited ARCs for other bloggers to drool on.

And this put me into a pensive mood since I’m not the type of person who really keeps up with what’s new on the market unless it’s J.K. Rowling (yeah, I know) which isn’t really saying something. But most of the time, I follow my own instincts and pick whatever book that catches my fancy even if it was published years and years ago. And I also have this habit of sticking to a select number of series during a time period since I’m not really keen to start reading a new one if I haven’t finished the others. Like for example, if I am solve on reading the Vampire Academy and Percy Jackson series, it is expected that I would only read another series if I’ve read the final installments of those. It is seldom that I read books in between the waiting period. And if I should do so, it’s always stand alone novels for fear that I might not be able to keep track of all the upcoming sequels if it’s a series. I know that this gives me a very relax life but I think as a blogger, it limits what I can do and what I have to offer to the blogging community out there. This kind of tempted me to keep up with the trends in the book blogging community and purchase and review the newest books in the market in order to attract readers.

But then, it felt all wrong since I wanted to run this blog with as little pressure as possible but not totally relax that it only gets updated once a week or twice a month. All I just want to do is read and write a review of the books that I felt reading and reviewing and not because they’re the “in” thing in today’s market. But because I don’t to really get behind from all of what’s happening, I also do read and review ARCs from time to time but again, it’s not really my comfort zone. I am glad though that most of the ARCs that I’ve read so far are proving to be enjoyable reads which makes them worth my time.

It also wouldn’t hurt that I like reading about new book releases because it kinda creates this feeling that after I’m through reading my book picks, there’s something to look forward to. But again, I am not one to jump over the fence and purchase it immediately. I love testing the waters, see the raving reviews and if it’s a series, wait for the next sequel to come out so when I’m decided to buy it, I can directly purchase the two books or (if I’m lucky, purchase the whole set) saving my self from the agonizing wait. If you can just visit my list of books read, most of the book series indicated in there are purchased in complete sets except maybe for HP and Percy Jackson. So you see, I am 3-5 years behind from what you’re currently reading.

What can you say about my reading habits? Am I doing the right thing in terms of book blogging or do I need to improve my reading habits? Go on, don’t be shy. I am in a desperate need of an advice!

What about you by the way? Do you like to keep up with the Joneses and read and review the latest books in the market?

12 Responses to “Keepin’ up with the Joneses Part 1”

  1. Giselle

    I do agree that the most coveted books reviewed early gets the most views, but I have reviewd books that were a couple years old and they also got very similar views because almost everyone had read them so they love reading reviews of books they've already read – I'm the same way. So I don't think you have to review only popular ARCs at all. I think the key is having good, constant content that consist of reviews and things people care to read like discussions posts such as this and a few fun memes and you will get plenty of readers 🙂

  2. Charlotte Fiel


    Thanks for that boost of confidence and helpful advice, Giselle. I am still learning the ropes of blogging though trying to observe things that work or not. And it's good that I am stalking your blog because it really inspired me to do better.

    Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  3. Asti

    Honestly, I think you should read whatever you want to read! While ARCs and new books are fun in the blogosphere, they're not everything. Some people won't read those reviews because they're afraid of spoilers or things like that. I actually like reading books that have been out a while because others have already read them and are more willing to read the review and share their own thoughts in the comments. I don't think you can necessarily go wrong either way!

    I personally don't do ARCs or review requests just because I don't want the pressure. I read what I want when I want, and that makes me happy! I do get ARCs every once in a while from giveaways, but even then I don't pressure myself to read them. I think you can still have a healthy and popular blog without worrying about all that.

    So, I guess in the end I say do what's best for you! 🙂

  4. Reem Ibrahim

    Hmm, I think I was like you before I started blogging. I didn't feel comfortable reading a book from an author I hadn't heard of before. I used to check the "bestseller" list for my next read.

    Looking back now, I realize I didn't enjoy even one of those books. I mean, I used to check the rating of a book on GR, if it was less than 4, I wouldn't bother. The good thing about blogging is that it encourages you to try all those different books that you're subjected to while surfing the blogosphere. And also, once you realize that EVERYONE has a different opinion when it comes to a book, you won't care about the rating anymore, because you'll know what type of book you like.

  5. Charlotte Fiel

    @Reem Ibrahim

    Hahahahah…I can definitely relate, Reem. I am as picky as you are, it's because I'm so afraid of getting disappointed and regretting the money that I've spent that I usually ensure that it's listed in the bestseller list. Very bad filtering habit I think. But with blogging, everything in my world seemed to open up to a lot of opportunities. I took the risk of reading books whose authors that I don't know and surprisingly, I found myself enjoying them.


  6. Charlotte Fiel


    Thanks for that word of advice, Asti.
    I do agree with you that ARCs can really put a lot of pressure especially with meeting the deadline so I always limit myself to requesting 1-2 ARCs a week to ensure that I can still manage without neglecting my IRL activities.

  7. Miss Reader

    I just read what I want to read, and I've been pretty happy with that. It would be too much of a hassle to keep up with what's trendy and popular. Plus I'd like to think of it as me giving older books some renewed attention.

  8. matchedmanuscripts

    I think you should read what you want to read and post when (and what) you want to post when you want to. The blogging world thrives on a diversity of opinions and content and reading tastes. It would be boring if we were all the same! Also, although you have an audience, and you do have a responsibility to them, your primary responsibility is to yourself and doing what you enjoy when it comes to reading and blogging. Most of us do this as a hobby, so don't let it become a job! I mostly read YA, and only recently started reading more new releases because I began frequenting my local library, but I read some adult and obscure YA from my forays into used bookstores. To each her own I say! Happy blogging!

  9. alyssa zech

    I am a newer book blogger as well, and have found myself feeling the same way as you. I don't really keep up with the 'market'. I do read a few blogs that review the hottest new books, but there are just so many of them I can't follow them all! I like to read blogs that tell me about great new books that perhaps others may not have heard about, or include posts about bookish topics and aren't always reviews.
    A new follower via GFC!

  10. Charlotte Fiel

    @alyssa zech

    Hi Alyssa, welcome to the blogging world! It's really kind of hard being new to this business. Although the book blogging community is considered one community, you'd be surprised to discover that these blogs are also divided when it comes to their standards. Some blogs like to have 3-4 reviews a week, other blogs are contented to post 1 review a week and then 3-4 posts about blog tours and cover reveals. Sometimes, it's really confusing. But then thanks to all of those who commented to this post. At least I am quite certain about the path that I'll be heading into. 😀 Thanks for visiting.

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