{ARC} Book Review: Autumn by Sierra Dean

July 20, 2013 Review 2 ★★★★

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

{ARC} Book Review: Autumn by Sierra DeanAutumn by Sierra Dean
Series: Dog Days #1
Published by Createspace on 2013 June 1
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 262
Format: E-book {ARC}
Source: Netgalley
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Cooper Reynolds's life is going to the dogs... literally.

As if being a high school senior in a small Texas town wasn't hard enough, Cooper has bigger things to worry about than who he'll take to prom and whether or not the Poisonfoot Padres will win homecoming. He has less than a year before his eighteenth birthday, when a curse placed on his family will doom him to live in coyote form forever.

The last thing he needs to complicate his already messed-up life is a girl, but fate has other plans in mind for him when it brings Eloise "Lou" Whittaker to Poisonfoot. She's grouchy, sarcastic and has no love for her new Texas home, but she might be exactly the right person to help Cooper break the curse.

The clock is ticking, and Cooper will have to decide if he's willing to let Lou in on his dirty little secret before it's too late.

Hi fellas, this is my second ARC review ever since I started book blogging and ever since I’ve heard about NetGalley. Normally, when I choose titles in that site, I usually browse for authors that I like but then their books do not seem to be available. And so this gal has to stop herself from being choosy and tell herself to go out from her box and explore the wonderful books available in the site. Choosing wasn’t easy for first timers like me since you can’t help but panic with all the titles available for review. But this gal has to reign her horses because she might end up eating more than what she can chew. I hate looking at endless list of TBR books because it really burns the hell out of me. So my approach with NetGalley was to first look for my favorite authors and if their books are not available, I resort to the old standby which simply means that I have to select random titles based on their genre or cover or titles or gist. If I felt a strong connection towards it then I sign up for a request.

This happened to me when I saw Autumn. I fell inlove with its book cover that I immediately requested it even if I do not have an inkling of what the story is all about or who Sierra Dean is. I just signed up because of the cover. And by golly, this book did not give me that aching pain of disappointment. Or the melancholic atmosphere that comes with the autumn season (no pun intended). I was in fact treated into an era of good ol’ days with an additional element of mystery, light suspense and of course, teenage romance.

Autumn tells the story of Eloise Whittaker and Cooper Reynolds, two teenagers coming from different worlds. Eloise, diabetic and still suffering from her father’s recent death, moved into rural Poisonfoot, Texas to live with her paternal grandmother. Though the move freaked her out at first, she was suddenly drawn to the place when she first met Cooper, the infamous, off-limits guy in school. Meanwhile mysterious dreams started to haunt her nights leading the two teenagers to discover that a curse of a long time ago had already intertwined their lives more than they’re prepared to accept. And Eloise must find a way to lift the curse before it fully consumes Cooper’s humanity.

Autumn might strike you like its Twilight all over again with Eloise moving to a strange place and voila, she instantly met this enigmatic guy and she falls crazy for him. But I assure you, my bloggy pals, it is NOT! Eloise is one tough lady (even if she’s diabetic) whose world does not revolve around Cooper alone. And thank heavens; I have never seen her swooning over the guy. BUT she did flirt in the most charming way (at least she did not make the exaggerated effort of playing hard to get which really irks me off). And handsome Cooper is not your beloved Edward who’d been chased by the campus female populace. Cooper’s the exact opposite, boys and girls steer clear away from him like he had contacted some contagious disease. Honestly, I love how Sierra portrayed him like this, the shunned handsome guy who braved high school despite the stigma his family’s story had created. I actually feel for him. Plus points to Sierra for narrating Autumn from two points of view, Eloise’ and Cooper’s. This way, I have a great grasp of the hero and heroine’s personality making me feel closer to them.

The romance part of Autumn was also admirable, not overly done yet it masterfully delivered the message that I felt giddy and warm. And I assure you, you wouldn’t puke with too much sweetness. It was good that the book kept this part in moderation and set off to show us the real story of Autumn: Eloise’s grief, her struggles to fit in her new environment, and the pressure of her friends; Cooper’s curse, his dilemma of not belonging and his attempts to ward off curious Eloise. Amidst all these, Sierra also added a mixture of frightening and action scenes that the very first chapter of Autumn had already gave me the creeps.

Everything in this book was put in a balance setting the stage for the story to fully unfold in the succeeding books. And I think that Sierra was correct in this approach since that would totally rule out confusion from the readers.

My only wish for this book is that the other characters should have been more developed especially Eloise’s new found friends and Grandma Elle. Especially the latter since I know that she’d be playing a very important role in this series. And she was kind of flat, a wallflower.

On a general note, this book is one hell of a good Y/A read ending with an enthralling cliffhanger at the end. I am screaming for MOOORE!

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  1. Megan (Ink Skies)

    This sounds promising, though I'm not sure I like the similarities Autumn seems to have with Twilight – even though you say they couldn't be more different! It's great that the romance was well done, but disappointing that the characters could've used more depth. Character development is SO important. Thanks for such a helpful review, Charlotte! 🙂

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