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June 16, 2013 Challenges 0

As I am far from finishing my book review for Graceling and I don’t have any inspiration to finish it at the moment (sorry, folks), I would like to share with you the books that I’ve desperately wanted to read ever since 2012. Majority of these are the upcoming sequels that I’ve been reading and collecting over the past years. I wish authors weren’t so cruel to keep me waiting endlessly. *sighs*

There’s the:

Rick Riordan has totally got me hooked with the Percy Jackson series and basically, the succeeding sequels (including the Heroes of Olympus). I’ve already finished reading the “Son of Sobek” where Carter Kane met Percy Jackson. But that 40-pager didn’t satisfy my craving to read the next adventure of the seven demigods.

Second, who wouldn’t want to know whether Septimus Heap and Princess Jenna lived happily ever after? After the April 16 launching date of Fyre, I’ve been scouring our local bookstore for the book but alas, it’s not available yet but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Such a shame it would be if I’ll purchase the e-book version since I do have the complete paperback collection.

Hmmn, I do admit that the series is a Harry Potter rip-off but hey, I had fun reading it.

Third, after the events of the City of Fallen Angels and Jem and Tessa’s engagement announcement, wouldn’t it be good to find out for myself whether they really ended up together or things changed? (Spoiler: For some reason, I did get an info that Tessa ended up with Will. I do not have complaints of course since I belong to Team Will). It’s already out in our bookstore but I’m stalling for time to buy it. I’m quite fearful that Jem’s destiny might be too sad.

Fifth, I am terribly missing Four, Six, Sam and the rest of the gang from the Planet Lorien. The title alone is already sending shivers down to my spine and I hate to think whether the great Pittacus will be killing the five gardes or just Number Five. Geez, I already have butterflies in my stomach just by thinking of all the possibilities that could happen. I just wish that Four, Six and Sam would live. And no, I don’t care whether Sarah dies.

Sixth, who would want to miss the finale of Divergent? October 22 seemed ages and I can’t wait to be with one of my favorite heroines again, Tris Prior. I just hope that the finale would be as epic or better than the first book. I was a little bit disappointed with Insurgent (Book 2) even if it made me cry when Tris’ mother had died protecting her.

Seventh, what would I have to give to go on an adventure with Professor Robert Langdon as he enters the world of Dante’s Inferno? Can’t wait to learn loads of stuff from my favorite Professor once again.

8th, I already have a copy of it here in one of my desktop folders but I couldn’t find the courage to start the mouse scrolling for I am already falling inlove with Julian. And I just have a theory that Alex and Lena lived happily ever after at the end of Requiem. Poor Julian.

And last but definitely not the least, I am having my eye on a series written by Marie Lu, entitled Legend. The reviews that I’ve read about it were great plus the fact that it’s Y/A dystopian. But I’m still having second thoughts because I’m not sure if I’d be able to do a lot of things from this moment onwards due to school having started.

Looking forward to reading all of these novels creates an exhilarating feeling and anguish. And yet, I have to endure the waiting and brave the uncertain. What about you? Do you have a book wishlist for 2013? Would totally appreciate if you stop by and share it with us.

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